WELCOME to our church, which serves the community of Coal Aston on the outskirts of Dronfield. Since 1866 this building has been a focus of Christian worship and gospel preaching in the area. Today, if you visit us, you will find lively, heartfelt and reverent worship, warm fellowship, and a wide range of weekday activities involving the church members, the Coal Aston community and people from wider afield. Do come along – we would love to meet you.




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    Marjorie Lock

    Some people we meet in our lives are like pebbles on a beach, suddenly we notice one that is different, it catches our eye and it seems special. We stoop to pick it up and we hold it in the palm of our hand, admire the shape, noticing how different it is from all the others at our feet. We will take it home, and see it polished and smooth, reminding us of sun and sea and laughter.

    Marjorie was like that pebble – in a way, different, always making us feel better for having seen her. Who of us ever heard her grumble, moan, say she was lonely or gossip about others After her first hip operation, she was wacking a golf ball at Hallowes within seven weeks. She had two replacement hips and two new knees (a record I think for Coal Aston Church) and never once mentioned the pain.

    Week after week, year after year Marj would walk into church - always smiling, and swing her legs over the organ stool and play those glorious hymns she loved.

    Never again will we hear her play the Lord’s Prayer, or her favourite “Sweet is the work“ and without Marj there would be no Coal Aston carols. The thought of us singing “Lo, the Eastern Magi Rise” without her either playing it on the piano or singing the alto line along with Margaret Washbourne is almost unbearable.

    Marj was born on Eckington Road, before Drury Lane or the houses opposite church were built, going to the village school as a little child. So how fitting it was that she was brought briefly to rest outside our church before her funeral, the church where she had played the organ since she was a girl of twelve. As the hearse stopped, through the open doors we could hear a recording of the Lord’s prayer, with Marjorie playing and our little congregation singing. Those who loved and respected her stood in silence, we could picture her then as a child in the village, – running along that very road where we now stood – to school and Sunday school, most probably swinging on the railings!

    We were full of memories of Marj, memories of her loyalty, kindness, friendliness and fun. Thank you thou good and faithful servant.

                                                                                        Libby Long



  • The family has given us permission to share in their memories of Marjorie, gathered together by Muriel in this eulogy.


    It is my privilege this afternoon to share with you particular memories from Marjorie's family

    Martin and Judy recall that their amazing mum was born in Coal Aston on September 21st 1924 to Bob and Minnie. At the age of 12 she passed her piano exam and she passed with flying colours. This started her long association playing the organ and piano at the Methodist chapel.

    A new family moved into the village with a son called Norman – Judy and Martin's future dad.

    Marjorie and Norman were married just after the war and were together for an incredible 68 years before Norman's death in 2014.

    Judy was born in 1950 and Martin in 1958 and they went on to give Marjorie and Norman 5 incredible grandchildren --- Rebecca, Marcus, Richard, Hannah and Daniel.

    In 1953 Marjorie and Norman opened a shop on Mill Lane and, over time, three more before their retirement in 1989. Martin believes that they supplied most of the local children with their school uniforms – well that's what people tell him when he is shopping.

    Marjorie loved her golf and made many life long friends playing at Hallowes Golf club. After she finished playing their mum had the Monday, Wednesday and Friday club who spent many happy hours at the local garden centres drinking tea and coffee and eating scones and cakes. …...............

    Oh and by the way she made the best lemon meringue pie in the world.

    One of her other passions was singing and playing for 'her girls' as she used to call them and they  spent many happy hours practising at her house.

    As we have  have already said she had 5 amazing grandchildren and ultimately 14 great grandchildren and they made her immensely proud - she liked nothing better than getting her photo album out of her bag and showing her friends the latest addition.

    Judy and Martin could say so much more about the amazing wife, mum, grandma, great grandma and loyal loving friend our Madge was .

    They will all miss her and cannot express the loss they feel but they say 'Sleep peacefully  with Dad, Tony, Min and Bob.

    Marjorie' s grandchildren equally have fond memories of an amazing nan and great – nan and although they can't all be with us today there are memories of

    • visits to her home

    • great times at Christmas

    • her delight in remembering all her great grandchildren's names

    • Shepherd's pie on Monday nights

    • sharing music with nan  ---precious times  both playing and singing --- anything from Boogie -Woogie to musicals including Joseph which was always a top favourite

    • the last contact via Face time when she gave an impromptu concert and promised that when Hannah and Marjorie next met there would be a duet.

    • That never happened but Hannah is glad that she will be able to continue playing nan's piano and she'll do it with love and pride

    Dan  equally recalls seeing Marjorie last Christmas and the wonderful memories he has

    • Monday nights and Shepherd's pie (obviously something special about Shepherd'd pie

    • busy Christmas Day mornings

    • trying to be a caddy  ---- hunting through the bushes at Hallowes looking for grandpa's golf balls

    • when he was at college stopping by on Tuesdays for 'Happy Hour' ---- that was -watching Countdown and Deal or No Deal'

    • as a kid his probable impatience of listening to hours of nan and Hannah playing the piano (which he loved really)

    Dan says she was an inspiring woman

    • a woman with relentless positivity. He has never known a person enter a room or answer the phone with such energy and life

    • he will always remember her for being independent, sociable, warm and undeniably so proud of her family, grand kids and great grand kids

    • she was one of the last of a special generation that survived World War 2

    •  he says  'nan and granddad created a new family tree and all of us are so lucky to carry her memory forward with us'

    •  as a special tribute he's going to have shepherd's pie today


    Remember those special moments  --- a smile, a word, a touch – keep them forever in your hearts and minds  with the one you loved and respected so much


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  • Coronavirus

    Following decisions by the Methodist Church and the Sheffield Circuit, activities on our church premises have ceased for a period of 12 weeks from March 17th.

    Rev James writes:

    Dear friends,

    In line with Government and national Methodist Church guidance, the Sheffield Circuit which includes Coal Aston, has today advocated that all activity ceases on church premises for 12 weeks.

    We are keeping in touch and I am looking at how worship material can be made available so that we can all join together on Sunday morning even if it’s in our homes as well as how we care for each other and the wider community.

    Libby writes:

    We WILL get through this, it will be hard but we are tough.  We will be filling our lovely little chapel again with music, laughter and best of all love. Not only with the love for each other but for the love of our God who will see us through this terrible time.

    I urge you all to read Romans, Chapter 8, Verses 35 to 39.  Read those wonderful words aloud every day,  - no nothing can separate us from the love of God.

    As the Boys’ Brigade hymn says “Will your anchor hold”?  Yes, it will, yes it will.




    Show and Tell


    To help us through this period of isolation and concerning news, our Facebook page has launched a Show and Tell series. Here readers can post a reflection, a short story, a poem, a handful of photos or a few minutes of video and add any comments they like – something which will take our minds off the virus and bring us together.

    Do have a look, and feel free to contribute something of your own.

    How to post

    Go to the Home page (click on Home in the left-hand margin if necessary).

    Find the Create Post box in the centre of the page, two rows under the Church photo.

    Start typing where it says ‘Write a post’. Or click on the Photo/Video icon just below.

    To view recent posts

    Click on Posts in the left-hand margin.

    On Facebook now

    S&T Tony       Wander through rural Coal Aston with Tony

    S&T James       James sings his There Will be a Time

    Richard bees       Richard introduces his bees

    Rachel poem       A poem from Rachel        

    S&T Libby       Libby reads 'A Place in the Sun' by Pam Ayres

    S&T golf course       Two walks on the golf course

    S8T Fran & Coralie       Fran and Coralie - Donkey gets chosen

    S&T Sylvia       Sylvia brngs a cutting of a Christian Aid walk

    S&T Chris       Chris reflects on her favourite hymn

    Spring      A spring walk

    3 poems       Three poems

    E photos       Easter photos around the village from Richard

    Libby JB       Libby reads a poem for coronavirus by Jan Beaumont

    Patrick - plague       Patrick compares plague food arrangements in Bristol and Eyam

    Cow & calf       Cow and calf Apperknowle way

    VE Day       Libby reads a poem for VE Day by Patricia Denise Newman

    Comm Garden       Sylvia shares some thoughts from the Community Garden

    Jayne       Looking for nature on our doorstep with Jayne

    Audrey       Audrey lifts the lid on her bees

    S&T Chris 2       Chris tells how she came to love Psalm 8

    Falls of Lora       Jayne and Andy discover the Falls of Lora


  • Coronavirus prayer for God’s intervention and protection


    Dear Creator of the World,

    We come before you asking your mercy on us to halt the spread of the coronavirus. 

    We pray for those already infected with coronavirus that they may receive prompt, effective and compassionate medical care that will restore them to health.

    We pray your protection and grace for all medical professionals who are courageously treating those infected with coronavirus.  May they be shielded, strengthened and guided as they administer healing treatments and care. 

    We pray your protection over those most vulnerable to disease, for our babies, our children, our elders, our poor, disabled and those weakened by other health conditions.

    We pray for those under quarantine that they might be comforted by your presence and protected from disease, anxiety and fear.   

    We pray for our public healthcare leaders and government agencies that they might be informed and well prepared as they deal with the coronavirus.  Grant them the resources and manpower they need to use their wisdom in the best interest of public health.

    We pray for the researchers who are tracking the course of the coronavirus.  May they uncover patterns that will help us understand how to stay healthy. 

    We pray for those searching for treatments, cures and vaccines.  May you guide them, reveal new ideas and accelerate their discoveries to fight this disease. 

    We pray for the communities, areas and countries hardest hit by coronavirus.  Restore their sense of wellbeing and community.  Sustain them, comfort them and give them hope. 

    We pray for all whose lives are disrupted by the coronavirus.   We pray for families who have been separated and for those whose livelihoods have been jeopardized.    

    We look to you, Oh God, praying that the spread of the coronavirus will be halted and that many lives might be spared.

    We pray that through this crisis you may draw us closer to you, grow our compassion and increase our knowledge.

    Thank you that you are the Great Physician who not only heals us but who is a a very present help in our time of need as the Bible tells us that you “Took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.”  (Matthew 8 :17 NIV)

    Thank you for hearing our prayer.


    Karen Barber    February 27 2020



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